Increase your conversions and ROI by driving targeted leads through Pay Per Click ads. You’ll work one-on-one with a dedicated Pay Per Click marketing expert who will set up and manage a plan to fit your budget and business needs.

1. Campaign Planning and Organization

Personal approach and qualified advice

Your advertising campaign will be managed by a dedicated manager who is a qualified Google certified professional with at least 3 years of experience in PPC management and online promotion.

The personal manager helps you select advertising networks which suite your needs best, and organizes the campaign based on your company’s goals, product features and market competition.

Such an approach ensures maximum return on your investment and fast results.

Feature Management Store

Tested strategies and reliable tools

Using exclusively developed instruments and techniques, we build a comprehensive list of the keywords which will trigger your ads and choose a bid management strategy (market expansion, niche market, status quo or another).

We also pay great attention to small details, and that’s why your advertising campaign works better than your competitors’, who do not possess this knowledge and experience.

Careful selection of the target audience

Experienced managers create such ads which attract the maximum number of interested customers and at the same time minimize visits by users whose demands you cannot or don’t want to satisfy.

For this purpose, we carefully choose time and geographic targeting, develop a list of negative keywords and write such ads, which are not only attractive, but are also accurate.

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