Increase your conversions and ROI by driving targeted leads through Pay Per Click ads. You’ll work one-on-one with a dedicated Pay Per Click marketing expert who will set up and manage a plan to fit your budget and business needs.

2. Campaign Monitoring and Management

Ongoing monitoring of competition

One of the main advantages of PPC advertising is its absolute flexibility. Ads can be modified an unlimited number of times, and bids and other settings can be corrected as often as you need. Not only are you are going to take advantage of these features — your competitors will likewise do the same.

To win this battle you need to monitor the market situation almost constantly which can be quite difficult and time consuming.

Our managers have enough knowledge, expertise and dedicated tools to complete this mission successfully. As a result, your ads will always take the best spots available within your budget limits and selected strategy. This means that the cost per visitor will be brought to a minimum.

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Constant ads testing and refinement

In the course of the advertising campaign, your text ads will be constantly tested to sort out the ones which yield the best results. The list of the keywords and negative keywords will be revised with a given frequency based on the gathered statistics of their quality.

The advertising budget will be reallocated to the keywords, regions and websites with the biggest ROI.

Website optimization advice

It’s crucial for every advertising campaign that visitors see your ads when entering your website. Our specialists will examine your website and will develop personal recommendations on how to improve entrance pages structure and content. Our recommendations will help to reduce the bounce rate on the website and increase the conversion rates which mean that you will spend less and get more!

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