Increase your conversions and ROI by driving targeted leads through Pay Per Click ads. You’ll work one-on-one with a dedicated Pay Per Click marketing expert who will set up and manage a plan to fit your budget and business needs.

Question How does PPC advertising work?

Your text ads will be placed in the most popular search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft Live Search,,, AOL, EarthLink and thousands of other popular websites.

The ads will be shown next to the search results, when users type one of your keywords in a search engine. Thus, you are advertising to an audience interested in your product or service.

For example, if a company sells used cars, it can show ads to visitors searching for “used cars”, “old cars”, “cheap jeeps” and so on.

A tax advisor located in NY can always choose such keywords as “tax advice NY”, “small business taxes”, “tax deductions” and many others. His ads will be shown next to the organic search results.

Visitors interested in your offer will click on the ad and will visit your website.

You pay only when a user clicks on your ad. Thus, you are always sure that this person is searching for your service and is very likely to purchase it.

PPC advertising is the most flexible and efficient way to reach your target audience at a minimum cost.

Question What do I get?

A professionally managed PPC advertising campaign can solve almost any task. Therefore, the final result always depends on the goals and needs of your company.

For example, PPC advertising is a great tool to:

  • Increase sales;
  • Build brand awareness;
  • Increase ROI;
  • Reduce a cost per customer;
  • Save time and much more.

Question Where will my ads appear?

There are 3 largest networks where ads can be displayed:

Google Adwords, which includes and other Google projects,, EarthLink, CompuServe,,,,,,

Yahoo! Search Marketing, which includes, Infospace, AltaVista, and

Microsoft adCenter –, etc.

You can choose your ads to appear on one of these networks or all of them. Our specialists will give you qualified advice on which ones are likely to yield the best results in your case.

Question Why is PPC advertising so popular?

Right now PPC advertising is the most popular and the most efficient advertising media on the Internet. There are several features that make PPC advertising so popular:

  • Very affordable (no minimum spend requirements);
  • Highly targeted (only interested users see your ad);
  • High audience attention (users are already searching for your offer);
  • Absolutely flexible (ad texts & settings can be changed as often as it’s necessary);
  • Fast start (it takes less than a week to launch a campaign);
  • Immediate results (users are likely to place an order soon after first visit);
  • Maximum audience reach (over 90% of websites on the Internet can show PPC ads in some form or another);
  • Exceptionally high ad responsiveness.

Question We don’t have a website!

Right now we offer a free website to all our customers. Contact us to learn more details on our Free Website offer.

Question How long does it take to launch a campaign?

It usually takes up to 3 business days upon receipt of payment.

Question How much will I spend monthly on clicks?

PPC advertising doesn’t have any minimum spend requirements. The average monthly cost depends on many factors such as your industry, market competition, account performance, a quality score of your advertising campaign, your company’s goals and so on.

Generally speaking, your monthly advertising budget will be calculated according to the following formula:

monthly spend = number of clicks received x average cost per click.

You might need to contact our representative to receive an estimation of your future spending based on some statistical data and our experience. In any case we can only make a prediction. There is no way to know your expenses for sure until the advertising campaign is underway.

Question How much does your service cost?

The cost of our service depends on the amount of time needed to manage your campaign.

Check our Pricing page to select the most beneficial service plan.

Question What payments options are available?

Your monthly traffic budget will not flow through AidClick. Any traffic received through Yahoo! Search Marketing, Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter will be paid by direct credit card billed for your accounts.

A one-time campaign setup fee and monthly management fees are paid directly to AidClick.

Right now we accept payments through:

  • Paypal;
  • Money order/check.

Question How to order?

1. Contact our representative via email or phone to describe the type of business you would like to advertise.

2. Pay account setup fee and monthly management fee to our PayPal account. (To estimate your fees use the fee calculation table.)

3. After payment is verified, your personal manager will get in touch with you and helps you create an advertising brief (a detailed description of what and how you would like to advertise).

4. Under the guidance of your personal manager, you setup an account with Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing or Microsoft adCenter, which is later linked to our agency account.

Once these steps are complete your personal manager will start the organization of your advertising campaign.

It usually takes up to 3 business days to launch a campaign once we have received the initial payment.

Question How do I know how many visitors I get?

Our account managers use advanced methods to track the number of visitors you receive and their quality. There are tree groups of tools we provide to track these results:

Standard instruments: each ad network provides real-time statistics on your expenses which you will have access to.

Advanced instruments: we can also setup additional tracking instruments to get a more in-depth analysis of how your advertising campaign works. These tools will be absolutely free to use and will let you picture and analyze visitors behavior on your website.

Management reports: you will receive a monthly report from our company summarizing the results of the month, goals achieved and proposals for the next period.

To read more about our services visit the About Us page

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